Our very own Marc Ruxin shares his experiences on PandoDaily about entrepreneurship, growing a company, and what he’s learned along the way.

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Perfume Genius continues to turn heads with the bold new pop anthem “Queen”. Listen now: http://rd.io/x/QEetK0BS4eQ/

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New Damage Records RDIO Playlist #12 - NDRPL012 f


Monday has rolled around again, which means it’s time for another rdio playlist to get your blood pumping!

This week’s list is another hefty one that is sure to get the adrenaline flowing - or just to get your ears ringing.



The Rival Mob - Tough Love

Mammoth Grinder - Societal Collapse

Basement - Earl Grey

Cro-Mags - Malfunction

Whirr - Junebouvier

Tigers Jaw - I Envy Your Apathy

Harm’s Way - Blinded

Title Fight - Flood of ‘72

Dads - Honestly, Chroma, Q&A

Bad Seed - Cheated 

Chelsea Wolfe - Movie Screen

Incendiary - Snake

Local Natives - You & I

Turmoil - Staring Back


Follow the bands! @basementuk , whirrband (also whirrhatespitchfork), tigersjaw, titlefight, wearentdads, chelseawolfemusic, incendiaryhc, localnatives

Source: newdamagerecords

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Did you know? The word Lollapalooza means “something outstanding of its kind”. Take a look back at the outstanding roster of headliners from 1991 until now on our Best of Lollapalooza Playlist.

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2 years ago today, we met pop-culture phenomenon PSY, his signature dance move and the South Korean craze Gangnam Style.

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Cameron Reed (AKA Babe Rainbow) jumps from Warp Records to the Kinky Beggar label in time to release his debut album of cinematic electronic pop. Listen Here.

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